Animal-Assisted Therapy 


Pigs and Pages Program

With the help of our resident therapy micro pig, Penelope, our “Pigs and Pages” program is designed to help children with speech impairments and/or learning disabilities improve self confidence in their reading and speech skills.

Imagine a child who is having trouble reading and is reluctant to read aloud in front of a teacher, friends or even their family in fear of being judged or made fun of. However, once that child has made friends with Penelope and tries reading to her something magical happens. Penelope comes over and her tail begins to wag and the child smiles and relaxes. The child starts to look forward to the reading sessions because their new piggy friend listens calmly to every word without criticizing or judging. And, before long, everyone in that child’s life notice differences in that child’s confidence and reading skills. That child, once described as shy and reserved in the classroom, begins to raise his or her hand to read aloud or offers to read to their siblings or friends and even develops a love of reading and taking books out of the library to read at home.

Through relationship building, general care exercises and reading to Penelope, kids learn the skills and confidence to be successful reading aloud and set them on a path of a life long love of learning.