FCF Board of Directors

Fiddlehead Care Farm Board of Directors

Fiddlehead Care Farm Inc is a registered not-for-profit governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, enthusiastic and dedicated individuals who actively oversee, evaluate and regulate the strategic direction, financial management and legal and ethical obligations of the organization.  

Each member of the board brings a diverse backgrounds and skills including financial, executive leadership, business, medical and community service and development. But all share a commitment to providing every available support to management and staff in delivering the highest quality of programming and service to children, youth and young adults and families.

2019 Board of Directors

Rebecca Scott Rawn (Chair)

Rebecca has successfully influenced politicians, bureaucrats, and corporate leaders to make positive change. As a communication and coaching expert, she strives to empower people to achieve their impossible, with support, coaching and laughter when they need it. She has served on the Boards of Equal Voice, a multi-partisan organization dedicated to electing more women to public office and the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Having spent countless hours with seniors as a volunteer and a Nursing Home Administrator, she’s taken to heart the advice of those who have ‘been there and done that’ – create meaningful connections, live the life that’s right for you and have no regrets.  She is very proud to serve as the Chair of the Fiddlehead Care Farm Board and strongly believes that everyone can “grow from within.” 

Helen Kelson (Vice-Chair)

Helen has an extensive background as a Respiratory Therapist with a particular passion for working in pediatrics. Currently she has been focusing on the immensely challenging and rewarding career of a stay-at-home mother in Newmarket. Her admiration for the work done by Breanne and Stephanie led her to wish to be a part of their work. Helen brings a slice of creativity mixed with a strong background in health care to the Board and her enthusiasm to her position of Vice-Chair of Fiddlehead Care Farm Inc. 

Matthew Willison (Treasurer)

Matthew currently work for Bayer Inc. as a National Account Manager in the Consumer Health Division. He graduated from Brock University in 2007 with an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration and brings more then 10 years experience in the Consumer-Packaged Goods industry, specifically in sales / account management to the Board. He has managed the day-to-day relationships with major National customers, including forecasting, budgets and promotional activity, talents and experience that he is contributing in his role as Treasurer of the Board. In his spare time, he enjoys playing hockey, golfing and going to concerts.

Breanne Mathers (Secretary)

Breanne is a Certified Child Life Specialist and Therapeutic Recreation Specialist with a passion for play based interventions supporting mental health, wellbeing and coping. After working for almost 10 years at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation hospital, she packed up her B.A. in Sociology and a Post-Graduate diploma in Therapeutic Recreation (and her whole life) and moved to “the country” to co-found Fiddlehead Care Farm Inc. In her free time, you will find her enthusiastically telling anyone who will listen about the incredible powers of play, nature and animals, searching for the best burger in town and donating her time as a Director of The Alva Foundation. Her knowledge of the inner workings of FCF and her love for typing notes, sending e-mails and filing complex paperwork with the government makes her a perfect fit for her role as Secretary of FCF’s board of directors.

Stephanie Deaken (Director)

Stephanie is a mother, a Social Worker, and a Founder of Fiddlehead Care Farm Inc. Her passion for working with children, youth and adults with disabilities and their families comes from a very young age growing up with a sister with Down Syndrome. After her schooling in which Stephanie received an Honours degree in Child and Youth Studies and Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Social Work, she worked as a pediatric registered social worker at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. Here she shaped her role as a counsellor, advocate, and leader in the field of disability. To the Board she brings this expertise as well as enthusiasm to enriching the FCF experience for all its current and future participants.

Darryl Deaken (Director)

Darryl comes to the Fiddlehead Care Farm (FCF) Board of Directors with a long resume. Not only is he the owner of the property in which FCF resides, he is also a teacher, farmer, father and business owner. Darryl works as a herd manager with his company “The Cattle Consultant”. As a teacher within the private sector and supply teacher with the Dufferin County District School Board, he currently teaches at the Maples Academy, working as the resource teacher for those students requiring extra support. Darryl’s agricultural knowledge, experience and hard work ethic are true Board assets.   


Lisa Needham (Director)

Lisa moved to Dufferin County 14 years ago to follow her passion for helping others at Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health. She quickly found herself falling in love with the natural beauty this region has to offer. She can be found spending time daily on the local trails enjoying a variety of activities such as, hiking, running and mountain biking. Supporting Fiddlehead Care Farm as a member of the board of directors was a perfect fit for Lisa as it allows her to use the skills she has acquired working in Public Health and aligning that with her love of nature and recreation. She feels very privileged to support such a great organization as FCF who works hard to offer an alternative kind of care opportunities for people who are in need of specialized support to improve their well being.