Farm Visiting Program



Farm visit flyer 2016 pic

You and your family have a chance to take a peek at all Fiddlehead Care Farm has to offer!


PRICE: $10 OR $20/car (family)

Please note: 1 support person and children under 3 years of age are FREE

*** CASH ONLY***

All visitors must pre-book their visit via phone or e-mail and provide their own support staff/volunteers as needed.

Please dress appropriately for the weather conditions and outdoor activities.


What you can do

  • Take a walk on the nature trail, view the gardens, admire the animals.
  • We encourage self-guided free exploration (a staff member may not be available to show you around, but a map and passport of activities will be provided).
  • Guided tours (by our staff) can be arranged.

Food - There are NO drinks or snacks sold on site. Please feel free to bring litterless snacks and take all garbage and wrappers home with you.

Parking - Please park on the laneway near the barn and washroom. For larger events or groups, we will have another designated parking location.

Washroom - There is a portable accessible washroom on site for you use. It is easily located next to the barn.


For more information or to book your visit today, call 647-624-8421, fill in a contact us form or e-mail us at