Specialized Therapy Groups 



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“No Pain, All Gain” focuses on teaching non-pharmacological pain management specifically for children with special needs and their parents. By the end of this interactive 4-week program, children and parents with learn a variety of cognitive, behavioural and biophysical non-pharmacological pain management techniques to control their pain by harnessing the power of their own bodies and minds.

Session topics include;

  • Creating a comfort kit or distraction box
  • Using humour and art as pain management techniques
  • Pain journaling
  • How to advocate for successful pain management at home, school and with your medical team
  • Application of multisensory spaces at home
  • Setting up your environment for successful pain management.





Our Social and Emotional Learning Program targeted at children with emotional or behavioural needs. Using targeted animal and nature-assisted therapy and activities the objective of the program is to improve participants’ emotion regulation skills, social and friendship skills and peer engagement.

By the end of the sessions, participants will;

  • Be able to identify and label their emotions
  • Learn to self-monitor their emotional responses and have techniques to de-escalate after an emotional episode.
  • Have a reduction in the intensity and frequency of emotional disturbances or outburst.
  • Learn and demonstrate increased empathy for peers
  • Learn skills to establish and maintain positive relationships