Programs & Services


We provide a wide range of programs and services to children and youth who have extra needs.


Sensory Garden and Trail
Accessible spiral-shaped garden and picnic area specifically made to stimulate all senses. (i.e. Textured pathways, water features, touch and smell plants, berries and edible plants, etc.)

A plot of organic farmland is offered to community groups, agencies or clubs for an annual fee. Groups will have the opportunity to plant, grow and harvest their own crops. Maintenance fees and compost/manure is available for additional cost.


Individualized care plans created for children and youth requiring counselling services from a Registered Social Worker. Fee for service. Wheelchair accessible space available. Members may include children who have experienced a trauma, grief or loss, stress, anxiety, fear or experiencing intense emotions.

Social/Emotional Learning Program
Animal- and nature-assisted social and emotional learning program targeted at children with emotional or behavioural issues. The objective of the program is to improve participants' emotion regulation skills and peer engagement (i.e. Identify and label their emotions, stages of emotions, self de-escalation of emotional disturbances, reduce intensity and frequency of outbursts and increased empathy for peers.)

Animal-Assisted Therapy
Members have the opportunity to work with small animals, such as pigs or rabbits, to improve social skills and gain a sense of pride in caring for the animals. An example is our Pigs and Pages program, which is designed to help children with speech impairments and/or learning disabilities improve self confidence in their reading and speech skills.

Non-Pharmacological Pain Group
Group session for parents and kids targeted at kids with special needs to learn to control their pain by harnessing the power of their own bodies and minds.

Brain Injury Family Intervention
Structured family sessions offered to families who have an adolescent with a brain injury.

Triple P: Positive Parenting
A structured group (9 weeks) for parents who have a young child with special needs. Teaches positive parenting strategies.


School Visit Program
Students would have the opportunity to come visit the farm and sensory garden for admission fee. Special ed, small classroom, set curriculum written by teacher and facilitated by Fiddlehead Care Farm staff or group programs offered on request.

From Farm-to-Table Program
Teaching kids healthy eating and where their food comes from – from planting to eating.

Student "Community Hours" (Volunteer Opportunity)
All Ontario secondary school students require 40 hours of community volunteer experience to receive their Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Set schedule with set roles.

Internship Opportunities
Unique internship experience for college or university level students individualized for each program and students' needs, interests and area of study.


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