Fiddlehead Symbolism 


Fiddleheads have very special meaning to us. Fiddleheads are a central figure in Maori art – also known as “Koru” – meaning peace, tranquility and spirituality, along with new growth or new beginnings. The Koru is associated with nurturing and when it contains more than one frond, it represents the strength and healing of a loving relationship within a family or community.Fiddlehead_web

The design in the shape of two unfolding fern fronds symbolizes the bonding of disparate kinds of people, with two opposite but complementary life forces, echoing the familiar Tao symbol, the Yin and Yang. As each frond unfolds to leave the circle, it reaches out for a new life, new growth and so represents the cycle of life and the interdependency of the web of life.

Like each of us, the fern contains all of the information needed to grow within its structure. Our consciousness must be awakened through life experience, learning, and awareness. Like the fern, we grow and flourish if we unfurl toward light or truth.