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We're a non-profit, fully accessible, therapeutic care farm for children, youth and young adults with developmental, physical and behavioural needs in a caring, supportive environment.

From the outside, Fiddlehead Care Farm (FCF) may look like a traditional, run-of-the-mill working farm. But trust us, our farm is far from ordinary. We're a therapeutic care farm with a slight twist! Using a UK-based farming model, we provide vulnerable people the opportunity to learn, build and grow through a range of hands-on farming activities and therapies combined.


Our mission is to give children, youth and young adults with developmental, physical, emotional and behavioural needs, along with their families, the opportunity to learn, experience and grow without boundaries through innovative, animal-assisted therapy and nature-based education, rehabilitation and recreation.


We're a small farm with big offerings. Situated in beautiful Dufferin County, our fully accessible, integrated, non-clinical, natural environment allows our clients to explore without boundaries and experience true freedom.

Our well-rounded and extensive repertoire of programs and services positions us as leaders in our field of therapeutic care. We are our client's biggest supporters, shoulder to lean on and source of expert advice. Our success is based on their success and our ultimate goal is to see them thrive. We only implement interventions that are client-and family-centred, goal directed and evidence-based, all while harnessing the calming and healing power of nature exploration and exposure.

With our treatment, there's no "one-size-fits-all" approach. Our services are vast and can be tailored to the individual needs of each client and their family. We use nature as our therapy partner and treatment method, and we also have the distinct privilege of having a therapy mini-pig onsite as part of our team. We can provide a program that fits every need whether it's an individual or group program, formal or closed group, or drop-in program. We also offer less formal, short self-guided farm visits, as well as a full day summer camp or day programming.thumbnail_Rhonda and penelope 2

We assure you that spending time here at FCF can have an amazing effect on your well-being. Our serene and calming landscape provides a nurturing environment for gardening and exploring nature trails. You can plant, grow and harvest your own organic crops and vegetables on our five-acre community organic garden, use our Accessible trail and sensory garden to experience nature without restrictions, or foster your creativity through outdoor music and imagination circles.

You're in good hands with our amazing team of experienced and compassionate professionals.

Stephanie and Breanne are therapists first and farmers second. They bring over 30 years of combined experience working with children, adolescents and young adults in both inpatient and outpatient settings with a variety of diagnoses.

We focus on what people can do, not what they can’t, and encourage them gradually to stretch themselves and achieve pride in their success. All of our programs and services are targeted at improving the physical, spiritual, psychosocial and mental health of each client so they can reach their potential and become their best self.


Sure, therapeutic farms have been around for numerous decades in Ontario and across Canada, but Fiddlehead Care Farm offers a therapeutic model that hasn't been previously practiced in this country. We're the first facility to use the “care farm” terminology and follow the care farming model developed, evaluated and perfected in the UK and the Netherlands. This model has set the guidelines and code of practice for supervised and structured programs of farming-related activities. We believe that goal-driven and play-based interventions that reunite and immerse children, adolescents and young adults with nature all help them make incredible gains in all areas.

Our 50 acres of farmland follows a full organic protocol and is currently going through a scheduled certification review through Pro-Cert Organic. We're also undergoing the Care Farming UK Code of Practice assessment process to add to our credentials and to ensure we meet the stringent baseline set out by Care Farming UK.

For more information, check out our programs and services listed below.

Sensory Garden & Nature Trail

Enjoy our accessible garden specifically made to stimulate all senses. A walk on our nature trail is never complete without a stop at the music circle and imagination stations.

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Pediatric Therapy & Family Counselling

We can create individualized care and treatment plans for our members requiring counselling services from a registered social worker. Our structured family sessions will help families connect with programs and services in the community to support their child and help keep them safe and connected with the outside world.

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Summer Day Camp

Our summer camp is an integrated and accessible farming, science and nature day camp for children ages 6 and up. This low ratio, supportive camp for kids with unique physical and psychosocial needs is run by experienced therapists on our organic farmland for specific weeks.

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Specialized Therapy Groups

We offer a social and emotional learning program, a non-pharmacological pain management group, a positive parenting program, and other specialized groups geared specifically for children with special needs and their families.

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Animal-Assisted Therapy

This targeted therapy gives kids the opportunity to work with small animals to improve their social skills, to grow self-confidence and self-esteem, to learn empathy and gain a sense of pride in caring for the animals.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups with and without special needs. Roles are based on interest and support needs.

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See highlights from 2018 Summer Camp here...


Interested in a farm visit?
FCF welcomes you and your family to have the opportunity to take a peek
at all Fiddlehead Care Farm has to offer.

PRICE: $10 OR $20/car (family)
1 support person and children under 3 years of age are FREE
*** CASH ONLY***

To learn more, visit Farm Visiting Program.

  • Robin Asquith- 2016 Nuffield Farming Scholar and Trustee of Care Farming UK (visit and tour July 20, 2016)


We're located at:

426059 25th Sideroad
Mono, Ontario

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Rosie and Hazel loving their warm bath (complete with snuggle cloth and floaty) on a cold winter's night!!
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We model, encourage and promote the importance of nature on our mental health every day to our clients and families… https://t.co/HxcznjWRSJ
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Fresh produce and life skill practice at the Shelburne Farmers market.
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Wishing everyone a happy and healthy holiday season from all of us at FCF!! ...

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Fiddlehead Care Farm

Rosie and Hazel loving their warm bath (complete with snuggle cloth and floaty) on a cold winter's night!! ...

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Fiddlehead Care Farm

First real snow day of the year AND a Halloween party on a farm? Yippee!!! Pull out your winter gear, bundle up and join up at 1-4pm today!!! ...

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